Marrying a Swedish woman and getting Swedish citizenship is a dream many young people dream of a Swedish crowd of very nice and beautiful sports teams for girls, which has spread recently. Where Swedish girls are often blonde hair and green or blue eyes, and stylish clothing that can provoke a lot of young people.

How do I find a suitable Swedish wife?

The fastest way to find a suitable Swedish girl for marriage and migration to Sweden through dating sites or social networking sites, where relationships start with dating and end with the consent to the marriage if there was understanding of course.

The most important thing is to start a relationship conflict, because those Western girls in general and girls Swedish women in particular prefer a man honest and sincere he can give true love to his wife and to bear the responsibility of marriage.

One of the most common things around the marriage of the Swedish woman is the difference in culture and religious beliefs between the couple, because this is the most important reason for the divorce that occurs with the Swedish girl. Eastern society is quite different from the Swedish society in terms of Customs and traditions, thus the couple should be aware of these differences in order to reduce them and make the marriage the success of the project.

Legal procedure for migration to Sweden through marriage:

Non-Swedish spouse makes a formal request to the immigration to Sweden through marriage and get permanent residency with the support of his wife is Swedish, according to the family reunification requirement stipulated by the Swedish law for at least 6 months. During this period, the Swedish Migration Agency to verify the health of marriage because a marriage should be the goal not white marriage or marriage for the sake of interest, where it is important to prove the marriage with the wedding photos, for example.

Swedish wife asks immigration authorities to provide the necessary documents and documents, the most important of the marriage contract, the husband identity of his birth certificate and a certificate proving that he is not married to another woman at the same time, because Swedish law prevents polygamy.

After obtaining the residence permit, the official in Sweden, the couple can avail of all the rights guaranteed by Sweden to the population, such as health insurance, the right to higher education, and the right to work legally in Sweden. The husband is also entitled to Swedish citizenship at least four years after entering Swedish territory.

Case of divorce before obtaining a residence permit in Sweden

Problems can arise family before the husband gets a residence permit in Sweden, are often here the deportation of the husband from Sweden, especially if it turns out to Swedish authorities, that the husband did not intend to emigrate to Sweden, only to enter Swedish territory trick marriage.
If the marriage results in children, custody is the wife's right under Swedish law.
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