The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world in all areas of life, whether military or economic, with a population of 331 million people distributed in fifty American states, and every state is a great economic power and competition with the other. Therefore, immigration to the United States is the first goal for all peoples now. All about America is ours.

Submit an immigration application to America with the steps for free for 2020

There is a lot of false news related to immigration to the United States, but in these lines, we will learn about the date of registration in the lottery for immigration to America 2020 and how to avoid false news related to the lottery in addition to some things related to lottery.

Draw for immigration to America 2020

First, what is the lottery? The American lottery or lottery is one of the means provided by the US government for immigration to America, and registration in the lottery opens every year for a month only, and then the registration door for the lottery is closed.

When does registration begin in the lottery for immigration to America 2020?

Registration in the American lottery begins every year on the first of October, registration continues for a month, and registration for the American lottery begins between the 1st and the 3rd of next October.

The registration site for the random migration of America 2020

Registration in the random lottery 2020 can be done through the official lottery website from here, and as we explained earlier, it is not possible to register now through the official lottery site, but it is necessary to wait for registration to open in the lottery 2020 between 1 and 3 October.

The date for the results of the random migration to America 2020 will appear

The results of the lottery for immigration to America 2020 appear between May 2 and May 4, 2021, and the results can be queried from the same location as in the American lottery

The monument with the start of the registration date and with the approaching result of drawing lots

Before opening the door to apply for immigration to America 2020, nearly a month ago, some websites began to promote themselves as the official lottery site, and these sites begin to focus on people by collecting some fees for registration, so I advise you to register yourself and focus in this article well.

The same thing happens with the approaching results of the draw for immigration to America 2020, and many sites begin to promote the emergence of the results of the lottery through them, and these sites start collecting fees from people, so follow these operations yourself well.

Countries Eligible to Draw on 2020/2021 Lottery

So far, a list of countries that are not eligible to register in the random immigration lottery for the year 2020/2021 has not been issued, but countries where 50 thousand people did not migrate to America in the last 5 years before the application year, their citizens are eligible to apply to the lottery.

What are the registration requirements for the lottery 2020?

The necessary requirements are your basic information such as:
  • your full name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Sex.
  • Country.
  • City or village.
  • Academic qualification A person must have successfully completed a high school diploma in order to progress on the lottery and then complete the rest of the required data.

With regard to the major hurdle that faces a lot of people regarding the image of application and solution as follows:

The person should go to a good photography studio and tell him that he would like to have a photo of an official document with a white background showing the ears, neck, and shoulders and also who has pictures that can be modified on it through the official lottery website from here by following the required conditions and who will use this site will get a hundred healthy pictures Percent.

We have previously explained to you how to register in the random migration lottery for the year 2020 from the beginning to the end and how to work to obtain a matching and sound image in an easy and simple way because I am real because I can amend the pictures of the people who request this like last year, given that the numbers of people have become beyond my capacity.

Tips before registering for the 2020 random lottery

1 _ People have to be careful when filling out their data so that they avoid mistakes because any error in the information may prevent its owner from traveling even if God has written to him the victory in the lottery.

2 _ People who are not eligible for the lottery must not advance on the lottery to leave room for people who are qualified to take the lottery because there are people who are chosen in the lottery and in the end they are not eligible in this case these persons cannot migrate to America.

3 _ Applying for a random migration lottery is completely free and submission is only through the official website that you put at the beginning of the article and any message you receive by mail tells you to register or help win for a sum of money. You should ignore such messages because they are for fraud and fraud...
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