In order to migrate to Australia, a person needs to get a work contract as a prerequisite in order to continue the work on immigration procedures, as well as the long wait for the completion of all procedures related to it, but through a path that will remind the person does not need to sign a contract of employment or wait for a long time.

A way to migrate to Australia quickly and safely:

Through this training, where you can attack within just 90 days, with the option to stay in Australia and work legally after obtaining a degree in Australia.

Because after completion of the training phase, you can get a temporary residence permit through this permit, you can settle in Australia in search of work, but the permit does not exceed one year, so you must get a job within a period not exceeding one year, because it is difficult to resume after the expiry of this period.

After getting a job in Australia formally agreed contract of employment with the employer, you can apply through this contract to convert temporary residence permit into a work permit in Australia.
Because Australian labor law does not require a person to work in the area in which he received the degree, the freedom of movement to work in any field unrelated to the area of the certificate obtained by the person is what makes training a great way to migrate to Australia.

Requirements for conversion of a student visa to a work visa in Australia:

In order to convert the temporary work permit in Australia to permanent work permit, you must provide the following documents:
  • Training certificate
  • Offer of work or contract
  • Valid passport
  • Colour passport
  • Personal photo and passport photo of the same size

Documentation for training in Australia:
  1. University admission from an Australian university or institute on the internet
  2. Passport valid for the applicant
  3. Certificate of education in your country
  4. Secondary school textbook
  5. A five-motivated message.
  6. Proof of solvency after reaching Australia
  7. Summary of the communication
  8. Photo of a person with a white background of the same size as a passport.
  9. Medical examination
  10. Free criminal records.
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