According to official statistics, there are about 42.4 million migrants in the United States, which is more than 13% of the total population. As a global power, America has long been a welcome destination for adventurers who want to realize their dreams and start a new life.

When it comes to work, there are few places in the world can offer a range of opportunities such as the United States. Whether you work in academia, technology, manufacturing, services or anywhere else you'll find top employers and companies interesting. But in order to join them, you will probably need to special work authorization gives you permission to live and work in the United States.

Read this evidence for an American work visa.

Do I need an American work visa?

Most foreigners will require a visa or permit to operate legally in the United States. There is a wide range of visa options available, though fortunately the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides visa wizard that will point you in the right direction. Just enter your personal details and the kind of work you're gonna do, and it'll get the most accurate visa for your needs.

If you are traveling to the United States for business purposes are very specific, you may not need a visa if you are from a country subject to travel without a visa. For example, if you enter the United States to study or signing the contract, you may only need a travel permit ESTA. However, the conditions that apply are very narrow, so it is best to assume that you will need to apply for a visa before travel.

What's the process of obtaining an American work visa?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consider visa applications from the United States, and in the ministry's website on the internet is a wealth of information about the different types of visas.

And for people who move to the United States to work on a permanent basis, the category of visa (employment-based) are the most common. Under this type of visa, you can apply for a green card also known as card legal permanent residence.

These visas are managed by the cap on an annual basis, which means that even if you meet the criteria you will be issued a visa if the quota is not reached within this period of time.Divided visas Type E into different subsets depending on the circumstances and roles that apply to them. For each category own priority, and this level of priority the number of visas available under the quota.

Before you get a visa under this program, you should have a job in line. Usually needs your employer to a certificate of approval from the Ministry of labour, and then may need to submit a second application to the Departments of citizenship and immigration.

After the employer has completed his part of the application, he is sent to the National Visa Application Centre. NVC will tell you which application forms must now be filled out and the documentary evidence required for your application. As part of your application, we will interview you by the employees of the visa at the consular section of the embassy of the domestic courts, as well as undergo a medical examination by a certified doctor.

You need to give yourself enough time to apply for a visa. The Ministry of foreign affairs does not have a fixed processing period, and because of the quota system, type e visas may take longer than others to process. You can get an estimate of the waiting time to arrange an interview at your local consulate on the State Department website.

After the interview, your visa application will be approved or denied. In the case of approval, will be issued to you passport with the visa stamp and sealed, including documents that you have provided as part of your application. You shouldn't open a closed package instead, you're offering this along the border with a valid visa.

You have to pay the immigration fees before you get your PR card this paid online after your application is approved, but before traveling to the United States. Fees currently amount to approximately $ 1,140 per first request. Assuming you've paid your fee, you can cross the border using a visa counterfoil in your passport, then send the card to your residence (green card) to the address recorded in the United States.

Since the process of obtaining a visa consists of several different stages and can be very complex, it is not uncommon to appoint an agent to act on your behalf. That's acceptable to the authorities, but you have to confirm that's your preference. Processing an agent's request may take several weeks, increasing the time required for the preparation of documents.

What documents do I need?

Must submit documents to the visa application centre before the interview, including the documents listed below. If the originals aren't in English, you'll need a certified translation.
  • Passport's valid for at least six months.
  • Full immigration visa and application for foreign registration
  • Two passport-type photos.
  • Translations of accompanying documents (See footnote below)
  • Confirm adequate financial support
  • Completed medical examination forms

The exact documents you will need to submit depend on which country you apply. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a convenient page where you can enter your personal information and get the list of documents required for the type of visa you have chosen. It's worth checking out and asking your Consulate if you're not sure of any other requirements to support your request.

In some cases you will need to submit the original documents, which will be returned to you at the time of your appointment. Otherwise, you can have some documents with you for the interview. You'll also need to pass your fingerprint through the interview for the app

United States work visas for part-time, limited-time and seasonal workers

Temporary work visas for the United States divided by type of role she can play there are special visas for people who work in a specialty occupation requiring higher education, for example, or who come to work in agriculture for the season. The process of obtaining a temporary visa is largely the same as described above. Your employer must request the application before moving to you at this stage, you must collect your documents and submit them, going for an interview at the consulate or the local embassy. The fee for this type of Visa around $190 United States dollar, although it can add an additional fee when issuing the visa.

The route alternative, if you are traveling to the United States for a temporary position as a consultant to a camp or post of the summer-specific, is to get the "visa guests a differentiated". Will not apply this type of visa only if the work to be done by accredited organizations. If so, your new employer will be able to provide full information on the application.

Whatever visa you choose, you'll probably be asked to prove that you have good reason to come home for a temporary visa. You have to show that you really intend to leave as soon as your visa expires by showing your commitment to your family, your place of residence, or your employer.

How do I get an American business visa as a contractor ? 

The Ministry of citizenship and immigration, suggests that entrepreneurs who seek to obtain a visa can track either the attack or to track non-immigrant (temporary) visa to come to the United States. You follow the same way as above, but the employer is, in fact, you're a businessman or business owner.

Since this route involves many options and concerns different potential, it is recommended to consult a lawyer specialized for migration to discuss the work you will be doing and your personal circumstances. Then they can give you recommendations about your options.

How can my American work visa affect my husband and my family?

If approved for the visa is Electronic, you should be able to bring your spouse and your children under the age of 21 to the United States. You can apply at the same time and go through a similar visa process. Most likely, the type of visa you will apply will be the visa to F2, although it is a good idea to check with your employer or your agent in case there is a better balance. The F2 Visa is subject to an annual quota, similar to the work-based visa.

However, it is worth mentioning that the main applicant must enter the United States before or at the same time with accompanying family members.

I have an American work visa. what's next?

It is the most important starting points of the guide to immigrants in the United States, which is published in 14 different languages and Free Online. This guide includes practical information about living in the United States, as well as information on citizenship.

You must have your Social Security number to work legally in the United States you can either choose to send this by courier as soon as you arrive in America-in this case you must arrive within 6 weeks, or contact Social Security directly to arrange it once you get settled.

How can I transfer money to America from my offshore bank account?

To get the most Your Money in America, you will want to open a bank account in America, that you can do before you arrive.

Once you send money to or from states, consider using a money transfer service such as transfer of funds to avoid the unfair exchange rates. There is a small fee transparent, and when to shift your money from one currency to another, you will get the real exchange rate-the same rate of exchange, which you can find on Google. In addition, TransferWise receives and sends the money via local bank transfers rather than international standards, which saves you money by reducing the huge international transfer fees.

If your trip is short or open a bank account in America is not an option, you can always withdraw money from the account using foreign ATMs. Just keep in mind that it would be more profitable to continue to pay in local currency instead of your local currency.

Regardless of when you start your new job abroad, it will be easy enough for you to get the visa if you follow the right steps. The most important part is making sure you enjoy your new adventure.
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