It is known that the way of marriage to a citizen or a citizen of the country of immigration is the fastest way to obtain Canadian documents as immigration and residence permits... Thus, this method is guaranteed to a large extent it is the most common among migrant communities, whether in Canada or in other European countries in particular...

I'm looking for a suitable Canadian wife:

Where you find the right Canadian wife for you, we find that most of the young people who follow this method of marriage resort to several social networking sites, marriage websites, or dating sites .. To find a Canadian girl or Lady Kennedy of the serious (and the two below it) of marriage and in circumstances where you begin to identify them and discuss them in many cases even dependent on the other and begin in the understanding, takes an easy path to you and all the party knows the character of the other party and all information necessary to start a life with

- We must warn here need to be completely honest, especially by a young man about to marry a Canadian, and to avoid the cheating and the lying and prevarication, to earn the trust of the other side which is the Canadian girl, as most girls in Canada have certain requirements in a life partner, so no religion or nationality is not important for him, but the most interesting thing here is the identity of the husband, interaction between them and the extent of its ability to withstand the difficulties and readiness to take responsibility, These terms are required by most Canadian women, regardless of the minority that seek mediation or wealth.

After finding a suitable Canadian girl for marriage:

- The challenge of intimacy and understanding, then begin their relationship in the right direction, which holds the relationship with marriage, meet them and hold the wedding for immigration to Canada .. And the reason why we chose one of two things to follow.:

1 - to come to a Canadian girl to my web the marriage contract with your family, then submit the marriage contract to the Canadian Embassy in your country to obtain a Canadian visa.

2-to get a tourist visa to Canada or if it is possible to make the call Canadian girl as a friend then the marriage takes place in Canada, in this case you can convert the tourist visa to a residence permit after the submission of the marriage contract documents to the Canadian authorities, and therefore legal residence in Canada becomes.

Obtaining immigration documents to Canada using marriage:

You don't need experience and it doesn't matter here in order to get the prestigious certification, but all of these things you need is confidence and the Canadian girl or woman and the degree of standing by Your Side before and after marriage to complete the marriage procedures and your arrival in Canada, then you will receive a residence permit in Canada, then the steps to obtain Canadian citizenship (which takes about 3 years to 4 years) as that the wife finish all the procedures, it is also important to accept marriage this way or internet dating and accepting a marriage and bring your husband from another country to Canada.


The marriage must be official in the country in which it was contracted, which means that it is not a formal marriage on paper, without the parties knowing each other, as mentioned by the trade of illegal institutions that provide the migrants who want to immigrate to Canada and pay them huge sums of money in exchange for entering into formal marriage contracts .. These marriages may not fit together, for example, because of the age difference.

We all hear about those who marry older Canadian women. It can be a husband greater than wife of twenty years or more, so you look like her mother, and in other cases don't fit at all.

So you must think carefully about this issue because the government of Canada has recently worked on the face of those who use the marriage to immigrate to Canada, so the parties must prove that they have the connections and the evidence with some, such as the common housing or the joint bank account, some families personal interviews and images of marriage. Other similar evidence.
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