Do you want to travel in Europe or America or any other country in the world without complications and without payment of large sums of money? Well, we think you really like him.
So I say to you, welcome to in this article, where we'll tell you about a way to travel abroad with money is very simple and uncomplicated

Volunteer out on a business trip:

Were is a site that brings volunteers and residents from all over the world and helps them get to know each other and trade with.
Through this site, can someone who wants to go to abroad by volunteering to find a host of are looking for volunteers willing to help them in some simple actions.

What kind of work can a volunteer do? 

Volunteering is a simple business. it can't be part of a routine.
The person is satisfied with the owner's help for several hours a day.
This help could be in:

* Agribusiness and fruit picking
* House construction collapsed
* Assistance in saving animals
* Assistance in the education of children
* Assistance in the education of children
* Assistance in training some sports
* Assisting depressed children
* Promoting awareness of the need to preserve the environment
And a lot of activities the host volunteer can help with.

How do I get a chance to be a volunteer outside?

If you want to find an opportunity to become a volunteer overseas, you must join the website Workaway.
Registration on this site isn't free . you just need to pay a small amount of money.
However, that amount of money guarantees you can find the hosts from the outside.

The amount to be paid will be as follows:

1. $38 a year
2. $48 for a couple or friends for a year

How do I get on this site?

Registration is easy, as you need to take a few simple steps to get your Profile perfect.
  • Log by entering your username, then entering your real name and last name 
  • Creates a password
  • Then you enter your email address
  • Then you enter your birthday and address

If I get a chance to be a volunteer, do I get a visa ? 

If you have the opportunity to become a volunteer, you will receive a letter of acceptance, the latest of which will help you get a visa.
Can volunteers easily get a visa, but only if they convince the consulate that they would return to their country after the end of the period volunteered their.

To convince the consulate that you're going home, you have to present evidence like:
  • The employment certificate says you have to resume your work
  • A school or college degree confirms you're still studying
  • Marriage contract
  • Possession or visitation

To view this website, simply type the word "Workaway" in the search engine, the location will appear directly in front of you.
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