Most immigrants are looking for work online on sites that specialize in this.
By filling in the immigrant's autobiography.

Among the most famous sites that can be found for work:

Before applying for an online job, a new immigrant must buy a SIM card.
 'Cause most of the hiring firms call an employee on the phone.

Finding a job in America through a friend or post directly:

Any friend that in America immediately after you arrive can help you find a job in the place where they work, or through other people they know. He can also get a job straight at a restaurant.
While walking in the streets of your city, you will find that restaurants advertising "hire", so you can go there and get a job.

The types of vacancies that can be filled on the first day of your stay in America:

These functions are often temporary until the person receives his or her documents and is fluent in English.

These jobs do not require any expertise or language, such as working in restaurants or in the stores of goods such as cleaning goods and other functions.
Wages per hour in America vary from state to state, depending on work.

The minimum wage is 7.25 rubles per hour.
The migrants 40 hours per week and can add 20 hours, can be up to 60 hours per week.

How do I get paid in America?

The method of delivery, your salary vary from one company to another, but there are certain ways, either send your salary to your bank account ، 

I speak English. will I find a job?

If you speak good English , you have a better chance of getting a good job, because language is very important in America.

You can work as an interpreter in a government agency or with adjectives, especially if you speak other languages.

Or you work as a Customer Support Officer at a hotel or airport, which means the language opens up space and saves time.

If I get a call from a company and I'm a new immigrant, how do I know this place?

The new immigrant always has fears and a lack of full knowledge of the city they live in, but as technology evolves, it becomes easy.
If you want to get a comprehensive report on a company, you can use the glass door, which provides you all the information about the company.
You can also rely on the GPS app, which is very easy and everyone knows where the company is.
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