Citizens from outside Europe who wish to work in the European Union in 2020, and business owners who want to invest their money, as you could easily get a blue card in accordance with some conditions that we will mention, and that must be met in migrants the European blue card programme in 2020.

What's the blue card?

And the blue card EU is a work permit the one called for workers outside the EU to live and work in the 25 member states of the European Union of 28 countries. Countries that do not participate in the Blue Card scheme are the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark. Thus, you can migrate and live in any of the Schengen European countries, except Denmark.

Why was the blue map created?

The program was designed for the European card blue to make Europe more attractive for persons with higher education from countries outside the European Union. With the exception of the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland, member states participate in the European blue card programme.
Countries such as the United States or Canada or Australia is always the major destinations of graduates of higher education institutions. But the European initiative has many unique qualities that will allow it to become a new favorite destination:

* Working conditions and wages equal to those of the country of origin
* Realization of a certain number of social and economic rights 
* Conditions for family reunification
* Permanent residence benefits
* Freedom of association

Blue card solve the problem of housing migrant workers who have no legal documents, making it easier for employers to hire foreign citizens, as well as providing the opportunity to obtain legal status to illegal workers. Lets put a blue card staff the opportunity to simplify their situation, allowing them to stay permanently after five years.

How long are you staying with a blue card?

Blue Cards are usually issued for a period of one to four years and can be extended. Also called the blue card holder to move between the two countries and visit other countries of the Blue Card scheme, but only for a period of 90 days during any period of six months. Family reunification is also possible, as the Blue Card allows applicants to include family members in their applications.

What are the conditions for getting a blue card in 2020?

EU blue card network allows you to create a profile for potential employers to know him increases you grant to apply for an electronic card. To obtain a blue card for the European Union, three key conditions must be met.

To qualify for a blue European card, you must have:

* Be a citizen outside the European Union;
* Obtaining at least a bachelor's degree or five years of professional experience.
* Having a job offer in one country of the blue card salary exceeds 150 per cent at least of the minimum wage in the country.
* The duration of the employment contract received is at least one year · 

Change the job or the country of the blue card

After 18 months, blue card employees can apply for a new blue card for another country. After two years, Blue Card applicants often have the right to change jobs with the employer or starting work for a new employer in the same country. Some countries are more stringent in terms of job changes and employers.

If the owners lost blue cards their jobs, they will be three months stay in the country and find work, and they can claim social benefits during this period. If they are still unemployed after three months, the blue card may be withdrawn from them.

What documents are required for a blue card?

* Request a blue card with an explanation of the reasons, motives and incentives that encourage you to migrate
* Passport from your country
* Copies of university or professional diplomas
* Certificates of experience provided by your operator
* Last image
* Employment contract in the country in which you migrate · 

Where did you get the blue card?

From this linck you can git it >>
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