One of the advantages of traveling to Australia is that the Australian government relies on many of the permanent immigration and temporary residency programs in Australia, giving great opportunities for those who want to work and live in Australia, regardless of their abilities, educational opportunities, academic and language level.

Probably the most famous immigration program in Australia:

* Skilled employment programme
* Programme temporary work visa
* Rural and northern migration programme
* Australian regional visa
* Farmers ' visa

The focus of our talk, with God's help, will be Australia's agricultural visa, so let's start with God's blessing to teach you the business visa for farmers and farmers in Australia.

What's the Australian farm visa?

This work visa Australian temporary visa allows the cultivation, which is dedicated to the class of farmers and peasants, or those who have the disciplines of a document such as gardening, horticulture and the care of green space.

The Australian agriculture visa allows you to work on Australian farms and fields after obtaining a formal employment contract.
A work permit is usually issued with the option of a one-year extension if the employer keeps you a farmer or farmer in Australia.

There are two types of agricultural visas, Section 457 and Section 187.

How to apply for a visa for Australian farmers and farmers:

The application consists of a search on the internet for farm owners, agricultural enterprises in Australia, then submit your resume and must have experience in the field of Agriculture.

You download your work videos and send them to review and evaluate your work. After that, you will be contacted via e-mail and Skype to improve the formal interview.

If accepted, they send you an official document, which is a labor agreement, then you can apply for a license or work permit to the Australian Embassy in your country or to " TLS " the center that processes Australian visas, such as the TLS Center for British visas on the Algerians.
You also need to pass a medical examination and pay for it along with the visa Australian.

Duration of work visa file study:

The average length of examination of Australian visa documents is about 28 days.

Get a visa:

The embassy gives you an entry permit valid for travel to Australia with a visa sticker with a work permit in Australia.
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