Eleven communities were scheduled to start accepting applications for the rural and northern migration pilot project on 1 January 2020. However, five of them, including the North Bay, Ontario, Timmins, Ontario, Claresholm, Alberta, Vernon, British Columbia, West Kootenay, British Columbia, will wait another month before the process begins.

According to CIC news most of the groups were supposed to start the pilot program on New Year's day, except for a few, such as Sudbury, Ontario, which was supposed to begin the pilot program as early as November 1, 2019. Unfortunately, local communities still do not accept requests. "Thunder Bay" still has a notice on their page on the internet says that the pilot will be available from January 2, but like other groups in the RNIP, did not accept candidates after.

Various reasons may have slowed the looting of the above-mentioned communities. According to the requirements, you must have all communities participating organization for economic development administers the program. Without such an organization, society has no right to accept new immigrants.

Various organizations can manage the programme. This includes public Future organizations, independent economic development organizations, the Chamber of Commerce and industry and non-profit economic development organizations. The programme can also be administered by a hybrid municipal organization with an independent board of directors.

Economic development organizations are responsible for two key issues. First make sure that the Community Foundation with the centre (immigration and refugee Canadian citizenship) to meet the needs of the community. This includes the date of commencement of the pilot programme and implementation. Organizations also manage the programme from beginning to end and monitor the integration of migrants into societies.

At last, Alberta, decided to commission the organization for economic development in December 2019 that the program will not begin until February 2020. Officer claresholm, Brady shill challenge CICNews, indicating that many candidates have already contacted local employers, some candidates already in the city. According to the official, these candidates are likely to be the first to receive approval in the community review process. Shell also said that the level of interest in the Rip programme in clarisholm had been suspended, and had already been approached by perspectives from 60 different countries.

In the case of North Bay, Ontario time Ontario, will not accept the community of any requests until the end of January. He also confirmed a representative of West Kootenay, British Columbia, the council that the selection process will not begin until the end of March. And still information centres waiting for a response from the committee, Vernon economic development, which have not yet submitted a statement on the current situation of its operations.
The pilot program for migration to rural and Northern is a CAD program designed to help cities, rural and remote areas to attract foreign workers to their local communities. The main objective of the programme is to help rural Canadian cities cope with employment shortages. Canada is seriously understaffed by the low birth rate and the High retirement age.

Furthermore, young Canadians expected to fill vacancies would prefer to move to more populated urban areas of the country. The programme has now been launched in several communities, including Salt Shet. Marie, Ontario, Brandon, Manitoba and Altona / Rhineland, Manitoba. You will take part Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, also in a pilot project for migration, although scheduled to start their program in April 1, 2020.

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