Quebec is a popular destination for immigrants, as it is the largest province in Canada. There are ample employment opportunities, as well as support options for newcomers, such as education, subsidized from the state, language courses free, comprehensive health care. Each year, more than 50,000 new arrivals have the opportunity to become permanent residents of Quebec.

As Canada's largest province, Quebec controls immigration policy more than other provinces. And Quebec is the exception because it does not fall within their provincial nominee programs for immigration like other provinces.

Quebec's location is on the map

It is located in eastern Canada. Surrounded Cook Ontario and James Bay and Richardson Bay from the West; and the Hudson Bay ones from the North; and the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador of the East; and the province of New Brunswick from the South.

Spoken language

The official language in Quebec is French, because it was originally a French colony. Program QSW does not require language tests minimum, but many other immigration programs in Quebec and Canadian require a high score in TEF or test assessing French or IELTS or international English Language Testing System.

Quebec immigration programme

There are basically three types of immigration programs:

- Programme of skilled workers in Quebec)

- Quebec experience programme

- Quebec business / contractor programme"

The various programmes have individual requirements, but each programme provides for permanent residence in Canada through qualification. If the person qualified for any of the immigration programs in Quebec to settle elsewhere in Canada, the government of the federal medical examinations and criminal additional before granting permission to this registry.

There are no explicit immigration programs in Quebec. Those who wish to obtain an immigration permit to Quebec must apply directly through any of the above-mentioned immigration programmes. They must obtain the Quebec choice certificate (CSQ), which is evidence that the government of Québec has accepted the immigration application.

Must be on the person, when accepted, may submit a request for reconsideration to the federal government for medical examinations and criminal penalties, as mentioned above.

Specific details of individual programmes

- Programme of skilled workers in Quebec

The programme was designed to attract skilled foreign workers to Quebec to fill the labour market shortage in Québec. And experienced staff in some areas of training priority in processing requests. This program operates on the basis of who comes first, serves first. If the person's request before the expiration of the quota, and if it meets the conditions, it prevents permanent residence in Canada.

The minimum language requirement is not to be participation in this programme. However, if a person has a high score in any language test approved, they get more points.

Quebec Experience Class Programme

This program is addressed to those who have studied or worked in Quebec before. This immigration program accelerated for people with experience, because it provides permanent residence to those people easily and quickly. This is also called the PEQ programme and is not based on points such as the previous programme. This is Quebec's fastest immigration program, because it simply requires that a person meet the qualifying criteria set by the government of Canada to get permanent residence in Quebec and Canada.

The b2 programme also requires advanced-medium proficiency in French. Must exceed the age of the students who have already studied or are currently studying in Quebec 18 years and obtain the Diploma of Quebec if they wanted to get a job and stay permanently in Quebec. The customer must have 12 months of work experience in Quebec in the o, A or B level of qualification and work permit, you must be over 18 years of age and have a level of proficiency in the French language as it is shown to the students.

- Quebec business migration programme

This program is designed for those who want to start a business in Quebec. There are three types of business immigration, including programmes to entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed. Each programme has different experience and minimum liquid assets to qualify for Migration.

Québec offers many jobs and businesses to foreigners, a migration-friendly province.
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