The job of an airport receptionist in Dubai and the UAE wanted to move forward now.

At Baylis airport advisors.

Type of work: full-time

Location: United Arab Emirates

Work detail:

* Welcome customers or guests to the workplace

* Maintenance of hygiene in the workplace and in the banquet hall.

* Answer questions and settle objections in an appropriate manner • 

* Active Mail Project

* Keep up-to-date records similar to documents

* Response to and classification of calls received by appropriate staff

* Assistance in inspection, photocopying, faxing and reporting in the workplace.

Qualifications and experience:

* Certificate in any business course

* There is no need for expertise in this position.

* Power needs to be provided to air stations and airlines.

* Significant outreach and client support capacity

* Fluent in Arabic and English.

* They must have excellent computer training

* Must have a great knowledge of printing and secretarial work.

* An inspirational site is needed to fit in

* Must be sufficient and perfect

How to apply :

All candidates, please load all documents, and the result will be published in seven days.

Director of diploma, liaison officer (female)))

Medical Centre: Badri Medical Centre L. 

Practical experience: 1-2 experience of the United Arab Emirates

Key skills: communication skills, hard work, self-motivation, etc.

Languages: Arabic and Urdu (fluent)))

Interview day: Friday and Saturday 2020

Time: 10: 00 a.m.-6: 00 p.m.

Location: Padra Medical Centre LLC, office #1301, 13th floor, 48 Burj Gate, Hotel, Office Towers, near Dubi Mall / Burj metro station, Dubai.


Company name: Imdaad

Education: Bachelor's degree or three-year diploma

Experience: 2-3 years of similar experience

Good knowledge: computer literacy

Languages: English (fluent)

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